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Post  Erzengel Leo on Mon Nov 01, 2010 12:18 pm

In case this may be your first time playing a Runescape Private Server, or you just simply forgot how to download the client. First, you go to the Download center on the Forums, click it, and go to the link it takes you to, wait for the required amount of time, then of course download the client. It will have a window pop up asking if you wish to save/open the file- OPEN the file, then after the loading is done, SAVE the file, then after the download, it will ask you to EXTRACT the file with your WINRAR- Now, if you don't have a WINRAR, go Google it, and download a free WINRAR, then last, but not least, EXTRACT the files with your WINRAR, after the download, drag your DamnedScape file onto your desktop. Double click your DamnedScape Client folder, scroll down and double click Play Now or anything similiar to thus. You will need to wait for the Client to load, then type in a name that you desire, then your password, now if it doesn't log you in, either your name is taken or the server is down at the time, so refer to the chatbox to make certain of it. And finally you play this wonderful server! Cool
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