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Post  Erzengel Leo on Mon Nov 01, 2010 12:45 pm

If you have witnessed a soul breaking the rules, or you have been scammed, and such disgraceful actions towards the rules, you must contact a Staff member as soon as possible, WITH PROOF of the deed done. If you have no proof, it is a much trivial issue then. If you have proof of such actions, the Staff will contact the Owner- myself, and I will decide upon their punishment. Please do not ask for staff positions as well, it would make things much simpler. In other fields, there is NO duping allowed. If you are suspected of duping or are duping, Gerry or I will search your account, and if our suspicions are valid, we will delete your duped items with an IPBAN on your account as well. So please do not do such ridiculous acts.

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